Why Greenwood, IN

Why is Greenwood different from other potential business locations?

  1. Our airport. The Greenwood Municipal Airport is the closest airport to downtown Indianapolis and offers:
    • a 5,001-foot runway with a 3-acre ramp and modern terminal
    • Jet A and 100LL fuel from both the truck and 24-hour, self-serve pumps
    • visiting pilot concierge services
    • courtesy car, limo and taxi service
    • on-site airport engineering consulting firm
    • conference room and catering
    • 24-hour aircraft maintenance

    Your corporate jets are welcome at our hangers. And you also can trust us to make your clients and vendors feel at home when they stop here.

  2. Our interstate access. Five interchanges connect the Greenwood area with Interstate 65, a major United States commerce corridor that connects seaports in the Gulf of Mexico (Mobile, Ala.) with Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and Chicago. What’s more, Indiana’s Interstate 69 expansion (in progress) will parallel Greenwood’s west side and include three interchanges. We’re also 20 minutes from east-west interstates 70 and 74.

    It’s no wonder 75 percent of American and Canadian populations are within a day’s truck drive from Greenwood.

  3. Our unassuming consumer spending power: $5.4 billion. There are 91,000 households and 236,000 residents within a 7-mile radius of Greenwood’s city center. The average household income is $68,000, but Greenwood-area consumers demonstrate buying behaviors and purchasing patterns for key retail and service expenditures that exceed national-average market potentials.
    Source: ESRI Business Analyst Online, 2013

    Our higher household discretionary spending is largely due to the area’s affordable cost of living and value for careful personal financial management. (Translation: We live within our means and work hard so we can play harder—see shopping and dining!)