Start or Relocate Business to Greenwood, IN

Greenwood is a key player in the powerful Central Indiana economic corridor. We have a well-deserved reputation as one of the state's most diversified business communities.

Greenwood is one of Indiana’s fastest-growing communities. It is located at the southern edge of Indianapolis, the logistics capital of the Midwest.

Labor / consumer base

About 53,000 people live within the city of Greenwood. About 250,000 live within a 10-mile radius of the city’s center, and 1.6 million live within a 30-mile radius. Greenwood residents are known around the Indianapolis area as particularly friendly and welcoming. We exemplify a strong, Midwestern work ethic and assign high value to education, entrepreneurialism and recreation.

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Business and living costs

The Indy metro area’s cost of living is about 10 percent lower than the United States average, and Greenwood-area consumer spending on retail, dining and services exceed national averages by 5 to 20 percent.

What’s more, Indiana’s business climate is consistently rated best in the Midwest and among the top states in the country:

  • Site Selection Magazine ranked Indiana the second-most competitive state in 2012 (first in the Midwest). May 2013
  • Forbes ranked Indiana as having the fourth-best regulatory environment in the U.S. (first in the Midwest). Dec. 2012
  • Chief Executive Magazine ranked Indiana the fifth-best state for business in 2012 (first in the Midwest). May 2012
  • Area Development Magazine ranked Indiana the eighth-best state for business in 2012 (first in the Midwest). Oct. 2012

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Greenwood’s economy is strong because both businesses and consumers can rely on our sophisticated transportation system to easily reach clients and products around the globe. Be it highway, rail, sea or air, you can sell it or buy it from Greenwood, Ind.

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Uniquely qualified

While our business community is diversified and robust, the following industries tell us that Greenwood is uniquely qualified to support their business success:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Information/internet technology
  • Life sciences
  • Transportation, distribution and logistics
  • Professional services

If you’re looking for a welcoming, affordable, connected and vibrant community located in one of the best states for business, Greenwood, Ind., is the right fit for your company.

Read the top three reasons Greenwood, Ind., is different from other communities.

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If you are relocating a company to Greenwood

Businesses seeking permitting and zoning, maps, Greenwood site information, City incentive programs, loan information and additional Greenwood reports are invited to contact our partners with City of Greenwood Economic Development.

Site-selection consultants and companies seeking proposal responses, personalized demographic reports, utility quotes and state or local incentive information are invited to contact our partners at the Johnson County Development Corporation.

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If you are starting a business in Greenwood

The Greenwood area is fertile ground for business creation. That’s because folks in our community have a can-do spirit, strong work ethic and a lot of passion. We embrace entrepreneurs and encourage start-up ideas, from hair salons to high-tech.

The most successful business owners are those who create a plan. Before you make any financial commitments, consider talking with one of our free business mentors, and explore the free templates in our online business toolkit.

You are also welcome to discuss your new business idea with the City of Greenwood Economic Development team and the Chamber president and CEO.

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