Government and Taxes in Greenwood, IN

Locally, “Greenwood” casually refers to the northern third of Johnson County and portions of southern Marion County. So your home or business might actually be located in Indianapolis, Southport or an unincorporated area of Johnson County.

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Find your elected representatives

To determine who represents you and/or your business at the local, state and federal levels, please enter your address in the State of Indiana’s online search tool.

For quick links to more information about cities and towns located in the Greenwood area, follow the links below.

Note: "Center Grove" is not a city or town, but the developed northern area of White River Township, Johnson County, and the name of the school district serving the same. Some portions of Center Grove School Corporation are within Greenwood and Bargersville municipal limits, but most of Center Grove School Corporation is in unincorporated White River Township, Johnson County. Residents of unincorporated White River Township are represented by Johnson County elected officials, not city officials.

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Register to vote

If you have recently moved within or to Indiana, you should register to vote at your new address. Register to vote, find the next election date, preview your ballot and locate your polling place.

Note: Voters in Johnson County are not required to vote at a polling place located in their home precinct. All registered Johnson County voters can vote at any of the 22 voting centers in the county.

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Business and resident tax information

The cost of living and doing business in Greenwood is below the national average, due to our affordable real estate and competitive tax environment.

Indiana boasts one of the most competitive, low-tax states in the country. See Indiana’s tax-cut timeline.

2015 Tax rates:

  • Corporate income tax. Flat, 7 percent of adjusted gross income (phasing to 6.5 percent in July 2015). Incentives are available to qualifying companies, including credit for headquarters relocation from out of state, research and development, and more.

  • Indiana applies the single-sales factor, meaning Indiana will calculate the Indiana portion of a corporation’s income tax based solely on the portion of the company’s sales in Indiana.

  • Personal income tax (resident). Flat, 3.30 percent of adjusted gross income (phasing to 3.23 percent in 2017), plus 1 percent (Johnson County residents) or 1.77 percent (Marion County residents) of adjusted gross income.

  • Property tax. Real and personal property assessed at 100 percent of market value. Taxes capped at 1 percent for residential, 2 percent for rental and farmland, and 3 percent for business. Tax rates vary among Indiana counties and townships. Incentives (including abatements) are available to qualifying companies.

  • Sales and use tax. Flat, 7 percent. Most services are not subject to tax. Some exemptions are available, including manufacturing equipment and materials, utilities, research and development equipment, and more.

  • Food and beverage tax. Flat, 1 percent in Johnson County and 2 percent Marion County.

Indiana does NOT apply the following taxes:

  • State inheritance tax
  • Gross receipts tax
  • Inventory tax

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