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Pride & Progress

For outstanding design efforts in the construction of a new business OR renovation of an existing property. Complete the following section. Skip this section if your nomination is for the Salute Award.

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In order for us to make an informed decision, please share your answers to the following questions.

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Salute Award

For a member company that has demonstrated outstanding business success. Complete the following section. Do not complete this section if your nomination is for the Pride & Progress Award.

Nominee's Quantifiable Business Success:

What was your average annual growth over the last three years?

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Nominee's Qualitative Business Success:

In order for us to make an informed decision, please share your answers to the following questions.

Provide a brief history and description of your business.

What are the primary goals of your company and how have they been met?

Describe the company's achievements with regard to growth and stability, and commitment to quality.

Describe a challenge your company faced and how you successfully overcame it.

Describe what contributions - in the form of monetary support, volunteerism, and/or in-kind materials/services - your company has made to community programs?

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